Article Submission

TBR Quarterly Ezine is focused on bringing you Adult Service Industry news and topics, written by those in the Adult Service Industry. This is your chance to share your news, views, insights and more.

What are we looking for?

To kick off the first few editions we are looking for 3 main articles types; however, if you have an idea you'd like to share we are always willing to listen. You can always reach us at

1. Industry News - we are looking for unique articles that deal with the latest breaking news in the industry, this could be anything from law changes, website shut downs, arrests, whatever you can think of that affects the industry. Maximum 1000 words.

2. Biographies/Spotlights - we are looking for bios on people of interest in the industry, website founders, film directors/stars, advocates, anyone of interest. We will also consider spotlights on businesses of interest, agencies who do something notable, etc. Maximum 500 words.

3. Health and Well Being - there are a lot of risks taken in this industry and we would like to use this media as a way to help teach others to be as safe and well balanced as possible. Maximum 400 words. 

If you are interested in writing for us but would like more pointed suggestions at what to write, don't hesitate to contact us at Please note all topics will be first come first serve on submissions. We can not hold off releasing an edition because someone has not yet submitted something promised.

Photography - we are happy to publish photos with the articles; however, if it is not your own photo property make sure you provide us with any credits that should be given and proof of permission. If you do not submit a photo we reserve the right to use one of our own.

Credits - of course we will give credit to the author always! Provide along with your submission what name you would like to be credited with and, if you choose, a photo. Include a link to your website/blog or email if you wish for it to be included. We will NOT publish anything that we find already on the internet, please submit unique and unpublished items only, thank you. If you quote or cite an article or website, please be sure to credit them (we don't expect MLS style citation just a note at the bottom will do).

Payment - while we would like to lavish those who help us grow and who support us, we are new and do not yet make the revenue (notice we do not even use pay-per-click ads) to sustain us. That being said, we don't expect you to work for free, we will compensate writers of the articles we publish with a minimum of .05 cents CAD per word, forum members may be given more. At this time we can only pay with paypal or e-transfer (Canadian Banks only), be sure to include your preferred payment choice and email address along with your submission. We will notify you if your article gets selected to be published and notify you of when you should expect payment.

Editing - submissions that we accept and publish may be subject to proof reading and minor editing. We promise to do our best to do so without compromising the integrity of your submitted work.

To submit your article or inquiries please email us directly at