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Companion Advertising - Things to Consider

Written by: Anonymous Whore, April 2018

If you are a sex worker than you know the importance of using photos in your advertising, they are one of your biggest tools in attracting the right clientele for your brand. Whether you use professional photos or opt to use sexy selfies, whether you are fully clothed, or opt to be nude, really does not matter but the content does. Perfection is not necessary but a little effort and awareness of what to avoid goes a long way when the images are saying something about you and your brand. We all know it can be stressful taking selfies, and we know you are incredibly busy and often don't have a lot of time to dedicate to this task but we can help. If you have been on Twitter or Backpage (rest in peace) than you have probably seen Companions comment on their ad's being reported/removed from time to time. It is natural to consider that a competitor may be responsible but there are many other factors that are often over looked that could cause the advertising site itself to remove content. Having worked as an ad moderator at such an advertising site I can tell you a good 10% of ads end up being removed within a day, and here is a list of the most commons reason why: 

  1. The absolute #1 reason why most content is removed is so simple and avoidable: it is posted to the wrong category!
  2. children in the background - though most often an innocent and unintentional oversight when taking photos at home, this will be an automatic delete at most sites, seems straight forward but you would be shocked how often this happens
  3. photos of children/family in the background - as above, this is most likely not something an advertiser meant to be there, it will lead to ad deletion unless background image is blurred out or indecipherable 
  4. unintentional men/persons in background - some sites will remove for privacy reasons 
  5. drug paraphernalia - though most sites may not fuss over tags like "party friendly" or "420 friendly" they will remove photos that outright display paraphernalia
  6. competitor mentions - we get that you want to let your clients know where else they can find you but most sites will remove mention of competitors, social media or personal websites are often allowed however
  7. the above includes competitor watermarks on your photos, though sometimes photos get deleted from our devices, or we lose devices, and we may be tempted to save them from a competitor site, IF it contains a competitors watermark this will lead to ad deletion in most cases. Back your originals up whenever you can or upload them to a cloud site for safe keeping. 
  8. photo editor filters - I can not stress this one enough, those cute phone filters with doe eyes and bunny ears can shave years off your appearance, often too many years, if you look underage in even one photo your whole ad will be removed - STOP USING FILTERS! 
  9. And last but not least, CLEAN YO DAMNED ROOM! Or at least the area that will show in the background of your photo(s). Though this will not lead to an ad deletion, it is really cringe worthy when we see those pics that look like a tornado just flew through your room. Take 30 seconds and tidy up, please. 

The above is not meant to shame anyone; taking your own photographs can be tricky, difficult, overwhelming, and at times frustrating; it can be daunting, wanting to look your best and present at your best angles while also trying to keep an eye on what's going on in the background but if you take notice of the above list, it may help you in the future to run an even better ad campaign by making sure your ads will not face deletion over common and avoidable factors. 


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