Sex Work is Not Trafficking

Notice to all Governing entities: 

You can not now nor can you ever find a way to stop consenting adults from exchanging money for sex should they choose to do so. By forcing sex workers out on to the streets you heighten the risk to their safety and security. You limit their means to survive. 

Passing law that restricts sex workers from having viable sources on which to advertise, you are not stopping sex traffickers, you are killing women, you are raping women, you are starving women and their families. The sex traffickers will find other means, as they always have. You have forced women who willingly work in sex trade to go to the streets and to work in the shadows again, where they are unprotected. 

Do not think we do not know who benefits from independent sex workers no longer being able to work as efficiently? It is the sex traffickers themselves, who benefit the most from this move. The less readily available independent sex workers there are, the more the demand for forced sex increases. 

April 6th, 2018, the day you killed Backpage adult services, is the day you stomped on the liberty of women worldwide. You remove our right to choose what to do with our bodies. 

Trump administration, you have no right to control our right to work. You have no right to control our way to engage in consenting sex. Stay out of our bedrooms and off our computers. 

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Sex workers and clients, click HERE for a list of sites still active!